Photo credit: Gordon Ovenshine

Photo credit: Gordon Ovenshine

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Brilliant Road & the Red Balloon

Every road has its reason, to rise above to unseen brilliance.


Brilliant Road and the Red Balloon is a young adult fiction novel which incorporates magical realism and fantasy appeal in incorporating the two motifs within the title representing surrendering and finding authenticity. The tagline is "Every road has its reason, to rise above to unseen brilliance." It explores resiliency through issues in novel themes such as equality, feminism, finding authenticity, yoga and spirituality, suicide prevention and grief as well as awareness for the appreciation of life. Maresca Rose Lawson begins as a young girl faced with the prospect of being trafficked through meeting a stranger named Skye who is a runaway. She escapes this by moving in with her father and stepmother and stepbrother, Corelle and Eli. Establishing a resistance towards Corelle, they fight being a family until cancer enters Corelle's life in a theme following competition between stepmother and stepdaughter mirroring well know fantasy classics. Maresca Rose Lawson is a "lookalike Audrey Hepburn" in a tale incorporating magical realism and in exploring redemption and forgiveness, Brilliant Road and the Red Balloon is written as a motivational book marketing to parents and teens with ebooks exploring issues and wisdom found inside for how to use your wisdom in self empowerment.