Photo credit: Gordon Ovenshine

Photo credit: Gordon Ovenshine

coming Soon in the future

Brilliant Road & the Red Balloon

Every road has its reason, to rise above to unseen brilliance.


Maresca Lawson feels as if she’s stuck on the cusp of adulthood, like she remains still while the whole world passes her by. She has no one to turn to and doesn’t know what she will become. She’s put off college to care for her troubled mother. She hasn’t spoken to Darion, one of her closest friends, since high school either. Meanwhile, Maresca’s father keeps pressuring her to get to know Corelle, her snobby, elitist stepmother, and her son Eli, a boy whose seemingly only interests in life are talking about the weather and bugging Maresca.

Most of all, Maresca misses her grandfather, the man who taught her everything she knows about life.

Everything changes when she meets Skye, a mysterious girl with a passion for life and a troubled past. Maresca helps Skye escape a dangerous situation and the two immediately become best friends. With Skye’s influence, Maresca starts the process of living life to its fullest and being her authentic self.

But the brilliant road to the future is filled with hardships and danger… and tragedy.